7360.33± Acre Ready-To-Go Outdoorsman’s Paradise! Turnkey, Unique & Rare Find! Mule Deer and Boone and Crockett Whitetail!! No Oil Field Traffic!
$4,250,000 – JUST $577/ACRE!!! 1/4 THE PRICE OF SOUTH TEXAS!!!
Partial Owner Financing Available! Owner Willing to Remain in Deal as Minority Player or to Just Manage and Maintain Short or Long Term!

The Mule Deer, genetically superior Whitetail and herds of Gold Medallion Axis Deer and Black-buck Antelope make this ranch so unique, special and ready to go now!

Location: Pumpville is located on Farm to Market Road 1865 about 3 miles north of its intersection with Highway 90, FM 1865 is the Eastern boundry of the property. The main gate to the ranch is on Farm to Market Road 1865, 6 miles north of the town of Pumpville. Devil’s Canyon Ranch is 78 miles West of Del Rio, 46 miles West of Comstock, 18 miles West of Langtry, or 26 miles East of Dryden. The train tracks that run parallel to Hwy 90 are the Southern boundary of the property. There are no easements or right of ways across the property.

Improvements: The ranch consists of approximately 7,360.33 acres and the address is 1525 Pumpville Road, Dryden, Texas 78851. The headquarters compound (the new upper camp) and barn were built in 2006 & 2013 and the foreman’s home was acquired in 2014 and is located in the old lower camp. The main compound sits on a high bluff overlooking the ranch. The main buildings have the living and dining areas with two large kitchens. There are nine bedrooms and six full bathrooms in the main compound buildings. This includes the main building which houses the main trophy room, main gathering area, fire place, two 80” flat screens, and a commercial style bar. Large 12ft wide porches shade the main buildings on all four sides of each building, all built on concrete slab. There is approximately 5,500 sq. ft. of heated and air-conditioned area at the upper camp. There are large covered patio areas across the upper camp compound from the main buildings. A large built in fire pit is on the rear of the main buildings. The volume of flagstone for the outside patio area and connecting porches is significant. Natural landscaping is professionally dispersed throughout the compound.

There is a 50’ x 75’ barn with a storage area which is used for vehicle parking, work areas and work benches, tools stored on walls and in drawers, along with plenty of shelving for additional storage. There is a bar with a new commercial ice machine and large chest freezer and a refrigerator. There are also two large lighted outside covered areas connected to the barn, one for game processing, access to the walk-in cooler, an area for social gatherings, with concrete floors, sinks, stainless steel tables and water, etc. (approx. 20’x75’). There is also a shooting range at the back of the barn with a covered shooting area that is attached to the barn as well. Pistol shooting is also available.

Three silos are located at the new barn and the ranch utilizes a trailer mounted bulk feed hopper as well. In the same location are three large fuel tanks which basically makes the ranch self-sufficient. The tanks are a 2,000 gallon regular gasoline tank, a 2,000 gallon green diesel tank, and a 1,500 gallon red diesel tank. The old equipment barn and the foreman’s house are set about 700 yards away from the main compound down in the valley at the old camp area along with an additional completely covered 30’ travel trailer. There are additional enclosed storage areas at the old camp along with an old but usable 50’ by 30’ pole barn.

Approximately 1500 acres of the ranch is high fenced. The remaining low fence is partially a 4’ high sheep fence, so fully enclosing the ranch as high fence would not be difficult but is not necessary. The exterior fences and the high fence are like new and are in outstanding condition. There have been no livestock on this ranch in over 15 years. Interior cross fencing is very minimal, is old and not in usable condition. It would not be difficult at all to expand the high fence to approximately 3,000 acres if desired.

The ranch employs a Part Time Foreman who is outstanding in his job performance. He has many years of prior experience on ranch’s including currently managing a neighboring ranch. The foreman handles day to day management under the limited oversight of the ranch CEO who is the ranch owner. The Foreman handles all maintenance, ensures deer feeding program is maintained at all times, ensures water is always available to the deer herd both in the high fence areas as well as the low fence area.

A 12-15 acre lake site is partially developed. It is anticipated that it will be completed over the next few years. This adds to the natural habitat and provides an additional water source for ranch animals. The lake when completed will also provide fishing and swimming areas for recreational use. Lacking is a liner and a bigger pump.
All financial management and senior level ranch matters are handled in The Woodlands, Texas by the ranch CEO, Accounting, Legal, AP, Payroll, Taxes, etc..

Water and Utilities: With the exception of the unique topography, the water is unquestionably the best feature of the ranch since water is so important in this part of Texas. There are four operational deep water wells. They are approximately 1,000ft. in depth. Two of the wells have submersible pumps and the third has a pump jack. Our fourth well is located near the entrance to our neighboring ranch across Farm Road 1865 and has a shared maintenance agreement with that neighbor. The two ranches share lifetime perpetual rights to this large well. These wells fill four active pressure tanks. The large tanks then gravity flow water through 50 miles of underground pipelines to 35 operational small concrete wildlife water stations spread over the ranch. Each wildlife water trough has a float for conservation. There are approximately 8 other types of fed water troughs as well. Water is piped to the main lake on the ranch also from the large shared well which is located approximately one mile uphill from the lake.

Rio Grande Electric Corp supplies power and Big Bend Telephone services the headquarters and the lower camp. AT&T provides the cell service to the main compound. Dish Network provides TV service and internet service.

Vegetation and Terrain: The ranch has a gentle roll with 12 large draws or canyons. The valleys are wide with much more dirt than would be expected for this part of Texas. The quality of brush and vegetation are very apparent and abundant when compared to nearby ranches. Some of the brush species included are: Guayacan, Mesquite, Prickly Pear, Yucca, Spanish Dagger, Greasewood, Agarito, Tasajillo, Senizo, Catclaw, Ocotillo, Leatherwood, Blue Sage, Purple Sage and Blue Thorn. The wide draws have Chinaberry, Black Walnut, Hackberry, and Red Berry Cedar. Several species of grasses and forbs are prevalent as well. The lack of livestock for so many years has allowed the vegetation to flourish and grow to its full nutritional potential.

Wildlife, Whitetail and Mule Deer Herd: The whitetail deer herd is prolific. The ranch has MLD level three permits with Texas Parks & Wildlife so rifle deer season is approximately five months long. The ranch has been abundantly protein fed for many years. Multiple deer feeders, approximately 20 deer blinds, protein feeders, alfalfa feeders, mineral blocks and quail feeders are dispersed across the ranch and all are near new, seat 2 or 3, and are in outstanding condition. Most of the feeders are placed in close proximity to the water stations. Quail (80% Blues, 20% Bobwhite) and dove hunting are excellent. A large flock of turkeys roam the SouthEast part of the ranch near the main tank / lake area. There are no wild hogs and almost no coyotes on the ranch. There are javelina but not a large annoying number. The whitetail in the low fence area are plentiful and of excellent quality including Boone & Crocket level. Also, located in the low fence area and just below the upper camp in the valley to the South, we have spotted one completely white (albino) whitetail doe and one piebald doe as well as frequently seeing Axis. Mule deer are also prolific on the 5,500 acre low fence part of the ranch as mule deer are indigenous to these two counties. Pens for the raising or holding of whitetail deer were constructed new in 2014 and are adjacent to the high fence area and reasonably near the new barn and upper camp headquarters. These pens were designed to accommodate up to about 60 deer including fawns, yearlings, breeder doe, and a few breeder bucks. Also, 2 new 50-acre each pens were built in early 2014. This would be adequate to handle the future of this ranch.

Our whitetail genetics were built upon the best genetics in the state of Texas and are listed below.

20 Stocker Bucks – All from Cross Canyon Whitetails – were purchased and released in the high fence area in 2013 & 2014. Their genetics are noted below:

  • Fedex Express X Dr. D Daggertine
  • Kidrock
  • Gladiator XL
  • Maxbo Tex
  • Zeus
  • High Roller
  • Express
  • Showtime

Doe – 10 doe were bred to these same Elite Genetics

5 Doe Were Bred to Morgan Ranch Bucks

  • Stich
  • Stiches
  • Big Stich
  • Stickers

6 Yearling Bucks were purchased from Cross Canyon Whitetails. Their specific genetics were from:

  • Kidrock
  • Maxbo Showtime

3 Yearling Doe were from Cedar Creek Whitetails. Their specific genetics are noted below:

  • Moab Bambi Horn
  • Bambi 727
  • Shadow girl

3 Yearling Bucks were from Double Droptine Ranch

  • Sudden Express
  • King Pin
  • Freeze Frame

The breeding program ended in February, 2019 when the breeding pens were opened and the pen deer relocated into the high fence.

Exotics:  The ranch also has a substantial number of exotics primarily in the high fence and a limited number in the low fence as well.   Hunting season is open all year on these animals.  In the high fence we have approximately 60 to 70 Black Buck including at least 15 to 20 males of various ages.  Some of the males measure 30″ or greater with as many as 5 curls in their horns on the Gold Medallion level.  There is approximately 15 to 20 in the low fence that seem to stay together as one herd.   There are approximately 90 to 100 Axis in the high fence with the biggest bucks at approximately 40″.  There are approximately 25 to 30 Axis located in the low fence area.  The huge Aoudad goats located in the high fence are very large and include a significant number of Gold Medallion level males that exceed 30″.  There are approximately 130 Axis in the herd with an equal number of male and female.  There are also approximately 25 to 30 Aoudad in the low fence herd.

This ranch provides great hunting and outdoor entertainment for medium sized and small groups with a big ranch feel. Roads are in very good condition so travel time to the far side of the property is not a problem. The smooth dirt in the valleys and on the plateaus provides faster roads versus the rocks on the ridges. The ranch had 38 inches of rain in 2019, over 31 inches of rain in 2018, over 48 inches of rain in 2017, over 34” of rainfall in 2016, over 38” of rain in 2015 and 52” of rain in 2014.

History of the Area: The town of Pumpville is located in western Val Verde County and was originally named Samuels. The name changed when the Southern Pacific Railroad drilled water wells to support steam powered trains in 1887. The deep water wells are what make this ranch so very unique and the location famous. The whole town consisted of railroad facilities. The town slowly disappeared after the steam engine trains were replaced by diesel motors starting in 1948. Concrete slabs and a few old buildings are all that remains of Pumpville today, but the old church still has mass every Sunday. The ranch boundary starts less than a mile from the original train station on Farm Road 1865.

Minerals: The minerals were primarily severed from the title under previous ownership so there are no minerals to convey. There are no mineral leases or production on the property.

Taxes: The current owners have maintained the ranch under a Wildlife Management Exemption. There is a management plan and we have the documents for proof under Texas state law. No livestock is required on this ranch.

Note: The above information has been deemed correct but is not a guarantee and is subject to correction and/or withdrawals. Owners make no representations, warranties or disclosures as to the property except as to title. The property is valued as is, where is with all faults and without warranty, representation or guaranty, express or implied, as to the condition or fitness of the property and improvements.


  • 2006 Dodge Power Wagon, 250 class, 4×4, 4 door, Diesel (Ranch Only Work Truck)
  • 2001 Jeep Cherokee, 4×4, 4 door (Ranch only hunting vehicle)
  • 2006 Chevy Suburban 1500 Class, 4×4, 4 door, gasoline (highway use only)
  • 2006 Ford, F350 King Ranch Edition, 4×4, dually, 4 door, long bed, full top drive platform, covered seating area, seats 10, Sirius radio, ice chests, propane heater, corn feeder, maize feeder, rifle holders, cup holders, camo covering (Ranch use only)
  • 1999 Jeep Wrangler, 4×4, high rack (Ranch only hunting vehicle owned by the ranch owner)
  • 2 – 2013 Polaris Ranger Crews (owned by the ranch owner)
  • 2011 Polaris Ranger 800 ESP with low hours. Used primarily by the ranch Foreman.

Major Equipment

  • John Deere Roadway Motor Grader – older model (1948)
  • John Deere Bull Dozer – older model (1970)
  • New Mahindra Tractor with box blade, post hole digger, lifting forks, bush hog (2013)
  • Ingersoll Rand air compressor – trailer affixed, super heavy duty, primary use is making post holes in rock or anywhere.
  • 3,000 lb. Trailer Affixed “All Seasons” hopper for corn or protein. Used for filling feeders
  • Miller Welder and Generator – trailer affixed, heavy duty, and primary use is work on the ranch anywhere for construction, repairs, and welding.
  • Medium size utility trailer for ranch or highway use (2010)
  • Medium sized heavy duty utility trailer for ranch or highway use (2013)
  • 40’ 5th wheel flatbed trailer with 12,000 lb Winch & ramps

All equipment, vehicles, and machinery are fully operational. Also a very large quantity of miscellaneous tools, hand tools, power tools, tool boxes, small and larger equipment and supplies used to operate and maintain a hunting ranch such as this are present and working.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein has been gathered from sources deemed reliable; however, Texas Best Ranches, LLC and its principals, members, officers, associates, agents and employees cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information. The information contained herein is subject to changes, errors, omissions, prior sale, withdrawal of property from the market without prior notice, and approval of purchase by owner. Prospective buyers should verify all information to their satisfaction. No representation is made as to the possible value of this investment or type of use, and prospective buyers are urged to consult with their tax and legal advisors before making a final determination.

Real Estate buyers are hereby notified that real properties and its rights and amenities in the State of Texas are subject to many forces and impacts whether natural, those caused by man, or otherwise; including, but not limited to, drought or other weather related events, tree diseases and other diseases (e.g. Oak Wilt, Anthrax, Chronic Wasting Disease), invasive species, any insects or worms, illegal trespassing, previous owner actions, pipelines of any kind, transmission lines, substations, gas compression stations, wind towers, landfills, cement plants, quarries, aggregate plants, elevation issues, boundary lines, fence lines, surveys, cemeteries, burial grounds, any previous or future flooding, or any proposed roads or highways, neighbor actions and government actions. Prospective buyers of Texas real estate should investigate any concerns regarding a specific real property to their satisfaction.

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Total Acres: 7,360.33±

Water: 4 Operational Deep Water Wells

County: Val Verde and Terrell

Nearest City: Pumpville

Distance: Minutes


  • 9BR/6BA/2 Kitchens in Main Compound
  • Large Porches on All 4 Sides
  • Foreman’s House
  • 50′ x 75′ Barn with Storage Area
  • Covered Shooting Range
  • Walk-In Cooler
  • Bar with Commercial Ice Machine
  • Large Built-In Fire Pit
  • 3 Silos
  • 3 Large Fuel Tanks
  • 1,500 Acres High Fenced
  • 4 Operational Deep Water Wells
  • Huge White Tail Herd with Great Genetics
  • Whitetail Deer Breeding Pens
  • Large Blackbuck Herd
  • Large Axis Deer Herd
  • Great Quail and Dove Hunting
  • Multiple Feeders and Blinds
(210) 705-4013