Exotic Game and Livestock Experts

Raising, breeding, selling and hunting livestock are exciting aspects of ranch ownership in Texas. Whether you want to breed and sell exotics for profit, raise them for your own hunting, or just enjoy watching animals, livestock adds much to a Texas ranch. At Texas Best Ranches, we can help guide you through the process of selecting your animals, show you how to care for them, breed them, and sell them. We can also show you how to qualify for tax exemptions.

The great thing about the exotics is that as non-native animals, they can be hunted 365 days a year, and also at night with a light, or from a helicopter, making for some very exciting hunting! This also makes for increased demand. For certain exotics we can almost guarantee that you will be able to sell as many animals as you can raise. For example Kudu, Sable, Giraffe, and Bongos are always in particularly high demand.

One of the things that that sets us apart is that we are hands on ranchers. We know livestock and exotics, because for more than 30 years we have raised them, bred them, sold them and hunted them. We can show you how to turn your ranch into a profitable business, while providing some excellent hunting opportunities as well. We can help you avoid costly mistakes. We can help you with knowing where to buy your animals (auction vs. private party), animal selection, pen placement, food plots, feed selection…and everything else you need to successfully raise exotic livestock.