A Family Business

This family owned and operated business extends beyond the buying and selling of real estate. The Soeles’ have personally owned numerous “live water” and game managed hunting ranches near Medina, Vanderpool, Uvalde and Utopia, Texas. In addition to owning and operating ranches, for years they ran a state of the art Whitetail deer breeding facility and exotic stock ranch near Boerne, with 300 genetically superior Whitetail deer. The Soele’s have also owned and sold Zebra, Sable, Kudu, Gemsbok, Elk, Waterbuck, Elan, Bongos, Wildebeest, Bluebook, Blackbuck, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Sike Deer, and Wild Hogs.

Candy Soele

Candy is a proud Texan, born into the Ranch life in Belton, Texas. She grew up farming, ranching, riding horses, 4-wheelers, raising animals to show thru her local 4-H and working at her family feed store. All of which has taught her to do exactly what she is doing today. As Candy says “I was taught to be god fearing & to do unto others as you would have done unto you. Always be honest and do what is right!”

Candy can drive just about anything and shoot whatever is handed to her. Some might say she drives a little too fast, so you’ll have to keep up. She is not your average Ranch Realtor. She has a strong passion for Texas and a love of the land.

Candy has been with Texas Best Ranches for 19+ years so she knows a thing or two about the art of buying, selling, or negotiating a deal. She also has an eye for interior and outdoor living design, and has overseen many of our projects through her years with Texas Best Ranches.

Lance Soele

Lance Soele has been intimately involved in ranching his whole life. He grew up around cattle in a small Texas town. Lance has been selling ranches for more than 10 years and loves both selling property and maintaining the family ranches. Lance has personally raised numerous species of African game, Whitetail deer, and cattle. He has darted and tranquilized over one thousand animals and can help you with animal selection, pen placement, food plots, feed selection, drugs, dart guns, trapping and transporting techniques, etc.

Lance is familiar with all types of ranch equipment including tractors, pumps and other mechanical elements, hay production, etc. He can also provide resources to help with land clearing, road construction, and live water projects like dams and bridges. Lance has been involved in these types of projects of since he was just a young kid, and can give you an idea of what a property can be sculpted to look like, and what your property can produce. As Lance says,“Our ranches aren’t just land, they are a lifestyle! And we have a passion for the ranch lifestyle. We enjoy what we do, and particularly enjoy helping others find that same love for ranching.”