Exceptional Negotiators
There’s a lot you need to know about a ranch transaction…

After 30+ years of buying and selling ranches, both for themselves and hundreds of clients, the Soele’s know a thing or two about negotiating for a ranch. Whether you’re buying or selling, you definitely want Jeff on your side of the table. Jeff will give you a straight answer to any question. He’ll tell you exactly what can and can’t be done, and he’ll tell you when you’re being ripped off by your accountant or lawyer.

Jeff knows all the games, and how to win them. He has a team of trusted advisors and counselors that can give you a second opinion, and in many cases the best guidance and advice you’ll receive.

We’ll walk you through the entire process, get you the best price for your property or on the property you’re buying, identify the pitfalls and issues with the deal then use them to your advantage, and work with you after the sale to help you meet your objectives for the property.