White Tail Deer Experts
The experts at Texas Best Ranches are legendary White Tail Deer Experts

Jeff Soele has been a successful scientific Whitetail Deer breeder for more than 10 years, raising as many as 300 Whitetail Deer at any given time, and has bred some of the most sought after studs, including two that were valued at over $200,000 each.

Gene Gonzalez has raised some of the most sought-after deer in the country. Gene’s Texas born Twins (Max Dream and Kid Dynamite) are setting records in Texas and throughout the US, and are the world’s largest 2 year old womb twins. Their dam, Blue 510, set a Texas record for the highest selling doe ever at auction.

White Tail Deer remain one of the most sought after animals for ranches today, both for recreational hunting, and profitable breeding. We can help you with every aspect of buying, raising and selling this exciting animal.