Running Your Ranch as a Business
We help you define your dream, get the right property, and dramatically reduce your income taxes; all while having a great time as ranch owner!

It’s the American dream to own your own business. It’s even better when that business allows you to create the perfect lifestyle. Many of our clients move out to their ranches to live and work. Imagine your office being the great Texas outdoors! 

Even if you don’t move out to your ranch, you can still enjoy incredible tax advantages, by running the ranch as a business. Just about anything you need to enjoy your ranch can be written off as a business expense. Jeff can show you how to buy trucks, jeeps, helicopters, 4-wheelers, boats, guns, chain-saws, horses, saddles, binoculars, jet skis, deer feeders, deer blinds, exotic animals and more, all as a tax write-off as necessary supplies, equipment, etc. for your business.

Just about anything you can imagine can be a write-off if you know how. We can help turn your property into a lifestyle, and help you save you tens of thousands of dollars in taxes at the same time!